This loyalty program was established to reward the loyalty of our B2B clients that patronize our products and view the company as a One Stop Shop Source for their business’ needs. This VIP program was designed to give back to customers that continue having business with us. Thus, with this Corporate VIP Programme, our B2B clients will get more rewards, when they shop more.

  • The Bioskin Membership shall be the entry level for the Corporate VIP Programme for our B2B clients.
  • Eligibility for the Corporate VIP Program will be based on the current data generated from the company’s system. You are entitled to receive a card indicating that you’re a Corporate VIP Member with a card fee of Php 100.
  • The Bioskin Member should have an ACCUMULATED purchase of ₱200,000 (Two Hundred Thousand Pesos) within a year.
  • Fill out the application form to be given by your Sales Specialist. Corporate VIP Card shall be claimed approximately a monthafter application.
  • Only one (1) card will be issued per person and it is NON – TRANSFERABLE.
  • Membership Application Form
  • Member’s Manual
    • Inclusions / Perks
    • Points conversion scheme
  • The current Bioskin Membership is valid for one (1) year from the date of application for Php 500 and inclusive of FREE products (Travel Kit and 1pc 300g – sized Home Spa product).
  • Bioskin and Corporate VIP Membership (treated as one) shall be renewed every year for Php 250(no free products) together with a valid government – issued ID. Renew your card on or before the expiry date.
  • Points shall be given for every purchase.
  • Every Php150 (One Hundred Pesos) corresponds to 1 (One) Point and will be accumulated at the end of the year.
  • You may check your points balance upon request thru your Sales Specialist.
  • Annually accumulated reward points can be redeemed at the end of the year and may be used for the next purchase.
  • Inform your Sales Specialist and the Cashier of your intent to use your points to pay for your purchase to process your request at point of sale. A valid ID is required to redeem your points.
  • Redeemed reward points cannot be cancelled.
  • Reward points are not convertible to cash.
  • ALL UNUSED Corporate VIP reward points will be forfeited thirty (30) days after the expiration of the membership.
  • If you have renewed before the expiration date, all unused points will be transferred to your new Corporate VIP Card.
  • In the incidence of lost or damaged Corporate VIP Card, card replacement fee of Php 100 will be charged and it shall be available approximately a month after the date of filing.
  • Upon receiving your Corporate VIP Card, secure a front & back copy of your card for QR code validation purposes.
Bioskin Essentials 10%
Bioskin Premium 10%
Packaging 25%
Home Spa Products 30%
Soaps 17%


  1. The Birthday Perks, (Complimentary Cake, Wine and Dinner for Two (2)),shall be given to the Corporate VIP Cardholder and must be requested by the Sales Specialist a week before the customer’s birthday.
    1. The sales specialist must secure a Receiving Form which shall be signed by the customer his/herself or anyone related to the customer.
      1. Any kind of misrepresentation will be subject to TERMINATION.
    2. Purchase and delivery of any of the following must be accompanied with related documents (ex. receipts, pictures with the customer and of their business establishment)
    3. Pictures with the customer shall be uploaded in our social media account, Facebook.
  2. For ALL Corporate VIP Members, maximum of two (2) guests shall be invited for the Bioskin Annual Awards Night.

For ALL Corporate VIP Members, maximum of five (5) guests shall be invited for all Bioskin Corporate Talk