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List Of Microblading Salons In Manila

Fleeky Microblading Salons Manila List.

Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure of makeup where hair-like strokes are drawn along the eyebrow in an attempt to either reshape, enhance, thicken, or create a natural looking appearance of the brows. Manila is the capital of Philippines and is developing rapidly in terms of technology and modernism. Another aspect of technology in which manila has greatly developed is the sector of beauty to which of course all the ladies will agree with me.As the beauty industry is progressing worldwide day by day so is the demand and the people of Manila are not taking it slow; they are equally participating in all such activities including makeup, hairdo, laser treatments, Microblading and what not! Microblading salon manila can be found easily.

Fleeky Microblading Salon Manila. Are You Ready?

Edwin Lisa Eyebrow Embroidery Corporation

Microblading salon manila Established in 2015, this salon came with a mission to enable the beautiful people in the world – one eye brow at a time; with a vision to provide people the access to world-class technology and state-of-the-art in eyebrow embroidery, scalp micropigmentation and permanent makeup in Philippines.


Browhaus is one of microblading salon manila and if you’re looking for quick touchups and cleanups that won’t in any way effect or alter the natural shape of your brows. The threading process is less time consuming and the experts are super careful about maintaining your current eyebrow shape especially if you notify them. It is the go-to place for getting freshly groomed brows right before any big event!

If you’re looking for microblading salon manila and best microblading Philippines then you must visit these salons in Manila. Ron Pena microblading price and Phibrows Manila ranges from around P20,000 to P25,000.  Eyebrow embroidery Philippines prices start anywhere from P15,000 to P25,000. It can be estimated that microblading Philippines reviews are always positive. Microblading eyebrows cost ph and microblading eyebrows Philippines price differ from one salon to another from this you can tell that microblading eyebrows manila price is affordable.

Eyebrow Embroidery

Another Microblading salon manila offers advanced services such as 3D/6D Eyebrow embroidery services, feathering/stranding techniques and other services like permanent make-up on eyeliner, hairline and lips. Their staff is said to be professional and friendly at the same time giving you the perfect experience.


The Eyebrowdery, one of microblading salon manila was founded to provide the most innovative way of applying your makeup on your beautiful faces using their materials that are made with natural plant extracts eventually making them organic and 100% safe! Their specialty is that they hire specialists who do 3D permanent make-up as well.

Strokes by Momoi Supe

Launched in 2015, this microblading salon manila beauty studio specializes in 3D embroidery of eyebrows, scalp micropigmentation, permanent makeup, yumi lashes and laser tattoo removal. Their visitors confirm that the place is super comfortable and the procedure is easy to work with. All of their services are topnotch as claimed by other visitors.

Brow Lounge

They have an extensive menu of different brow shapes for you to choose from. They have multiple straight brow shapes on their menu which provides you with the complete freedom to decide the density and thickness you prefer.  

Benefit Brow Bar

As we are all aware of Benefit, I must suggest you getting your eyebrows done by them as they use the best of their products to create the perfect arch without making your eyebrows unnatural and making them unnecessarily thin. The experts at Benefit make sure that you have the perfect arch according to the shape of your face and this is pretty much what every girl wants!

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